Chattman v. Toho Tenax Am., Inc.

Chattman, an African American, worked as a shipping coordinator, and had been with the company for 20 years when Tullock, a Caucasian and then Human Resources Director, recommended that management terminate Chattman’s employment following an incident of “horseplay,” during which a worker was injured. Chattman cited three incidents in which Tullock made racial comments as evidence of his animosity toward African Americans. The district court entered summary judgment for defendants on claims under Title VII, 42 U .S.C. 2000e–2(a)(1) and the Tennessee Human Rights Act. The Sixth Circuit reversed and remanded. Chattman has presented evidence of Tullock’s discriminatory animus and offered sufficient proof to create genuine issues of fact as to intent and causation, so that summary judgment was improper. The adverse employment actions alleged by Chattman and any damages are matters to be resolved by a jury. View "Chattman v. Toho Tenax Am., Inc." on Justia Law